Genuine, vulnerable expression

While supporting herself with corporate work, she embraced her 30s by confronting a fear commonly misperceived as an external challenge: the lifelong terror of stagefright. In lieu of performing in an ensemble work under another’s control, Leslie produced a series of one-woman shows featuring lesser-known pop, jazz and R&B covers to showcase her smoky, 3-octave range. With the assistance of a vocal coach, a talented keyboardist and a growing circle of creative friends as audience members, she created a full-length work at once “personal, professional and accessible.”

She remembers, “After several full-length gigs, I was invited to perform a Carly Simon number for a Sunday service at the local Unitarian Church. I’ll never forget looking out at 300 new faces, utterly knowing, ‘Every one of these people is here to love me.’ I was so certain of it, I felt as though I could take on Shea Stadium.” Her performance interests eventually led her to acting class with E. Katherine Kerr in Manhattan and additional vocal instruction in Maryland. Though she occasionally pens song lyrics, she now channels her compositional skills into the legacy projects which marry her creativity with a keen, incisive intellect.

The value of letting go

Apart from heralding the millenium, the year 2000 ushered in a new personal decade for Leslie. Weary of agonizing over the “ideal” transition from corporate life, she left an 18-year sojourn in the business world and moved to Annapolis to pursue friendship and self-discovery. Intending to further her creative goals, she unexpectedly exhumed two childhood passions . . . horses and biology. Despite achieving notable personal fitness, she was blindsided by a painful disability, and life slipped into slow motion, with no end in sight. Compromised health became the crucible which anchored her faith and unearthed a well of compassion: Leslie gained invaluable experience as a patient of chronic pain and discovered the treasure of a matured empathy buried deep within her darkest physical hours.

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Corporate survivor,

CT, 1999

Ice ascent,

upstate NY, 1978

Suspension, MA, 1978

Olympic passage, WA, 1978

Recovery & renewal,

MD, 2005

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