The science of healing (and the healing of science)

Like many massage therapists, Leslie drew inspiration from her personal healing process. Her scientific curiosity posed questions such as: How does trauma or disrupted physiology distort healthy anatomy? What is the science and art of restoring balance and ease? What are the deepest interrelated causes of pain, and what are the most profound, compassionate ways of releasing pain?

Following these passions obediently, over time she realized her unique ability to combine left-brain, scientific knowledge with right-brain, intuitive creativity. Each day sculpts anew her mission to build bridges between the lay public and scientists through her creative talents and personal experiences. Her work blends excellence in communication with her understanding of emotional and physical pain, the physiology of trauma, its healing mechanisms, and its place in the context of planetary healing.

The call of grace

Today, Leslie cherishes some hard-earned capacities with ever-increasing dedication: in particular, compassion and patience, for oneself and for others. Harmony, whether musical or social, continues to hold priority for Leslie; she has a talent for empathy and can often articulate both sides of a conflict clearly in order to facilitate reconciliation. Service at all levels of society continues to compel Leslie in her aspirations and interactions; life experiences ranging from the most elite sectors of society to the most mundane have left her unimpressed with excess, rather moved by sincerity and generosity of spirit.

Leslie’s ongoing focus remains the achievement of balance: energetically, physically, spiritually. The ability to play, to create, the capacity to give and receive joy, love and trust are priceless treasures to be nurtured and shared, with the hope that they may multiply beyond the personal realm. A devotion to Divine Harmony reigns above all, and continues to inspire Leslie’s contributions to our group endeavor of building heaven on earth.

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A new recipe,

MD, 2007

Flight, MA, 1978

With singer-songwriter pals

Mary Byrd Brown & Christina Muir, MD, 2001

Farm dog, upstate NY, 1977

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